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published SEPTEMBER 19, 2011
CMS publishes Guide to Cross-Border Mergers and online transaction planner

International legal and tax advisors CMS have published the "CMS Guide to Cross-Border Mergers", an overview of the requirements and implications of cross-border mergers. Covering 17 countries in Europe, the publication anticipates a continued upswing in the number of such transactions.
"A lot of Legal and Corporate Development departments in multinational companies are currently considering restructuring under corporate law in order to reduce administrative expenses," said Thomas Meyding, Head of the CMS Corporate Practice. "Now that legislation in Europe relating to cross-border mergers has been standardised and it is easier to plan a merger with greater certainty, we are seeing increased client activity in this area and expect the number of intra-group cross-border mergers to rise."
"Standardisation of the law on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies from different Member States of the EU has made it easier to implement cross-border mergers within the EU. National legislation in the respective countries nevertheless continues to apply, and this still leads to differing procedures in each of the EU Member States," Meyding continues. "As a result, businesses need to be aware of legal requirements in each respective country before embarking on a deal."
To help, the CMS Guide to Cross-Border Mergers offers a simple, but in-depth analysis of the legal framework. The publication is enhanced by a digital Online Planner. The Guide, along with its accompanying digital Online Planner tool, allows businesses contemplating a cross-border merger in Europe to quickly and easily determine if a merger is possible and, if so, what requirements must be met, what steps need to be taken, who should be involved in implementing the transaction and how long it is likely to take.
"We believe our expertise and experience, as demonstrated in the Guide and Online Planner, can help our clients achieve their goals more quickly and more effectively," says Thomas Meyding.
The CMS Guide to Cross-Border Mergers, including access to the Online Planner, is available from CMS Hasche Sigle.




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